Email Redundancy

Email is king. It is the one element of a client’s system that causes the most amount of stress when it is not working.

This is because most of today’s correspondence with clients happens through email – be it new orders or simply keeping in touch.

The strange thing is that people don’t really look at their email and take into consideration what would happen if it went down.

At vBit we take email very seriously. We can offer a range of options that give you redundancy, failover or backup all depending on what’s most important to you.

We can even setup a business continuity mailbox that you can access automatically when your mail server is offline, ensuring no incoming emails are lost and with the facility to read and send emails at these times, you meet data security compliance standards, as well as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity procedures.

Get in touch with us so we can look at how you are currently set up and whether that is appropriate for your needs, together with your email redundancy requirements.

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