IT Asset Management

So many businesses have IT systems that have grown as the business has grown.

That is fine, but when it comes to understanding your own systems, or having a third party support them, you need to understand what you have.

This exercise in itself will often reveal issues in the way the system is put together and may also reveal security or business continuity issues that you may be unaware of or that have been overlooked by your existing supplier.

For example, who last checked that the backups actually did work or whether that second internet line will actually kick in when the main one goes down?

Maybe you assume that your IT provider has all your passwords, but have you ever asked for a definitive list?

We complete an in depth audit of your IT systems, software and connected services and give you a comprehensive picture of what you have and don’t have.

The Asset Management audit can be a self-contained project, but more often it is part of a larger network audit which reviews your business continuity, disaster recovery and gives overall system recommendations based on your IT strategy and objectives, which we can also you help with.

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