IT System Reviews and Recommendations

It is one thing knowing what you have, but it is another understanding whether what you have is right for the job at hand.

Many companies will give you an ‘asset list’ or an audit of your equipment, but we think that in isolation, this is not particularly useful.

At vBit we think that the starting point is before we even look at the equipment that you have.  We have to understand, in detail, what your business is hoping to achieve, where the problems are, and the mid to long term aims are.

By understanding the plans and the existing problems and pressures we can look at what you have and make recommendations with the end in mind.

Anyone who does not do this is missing the point.

At the end of the system review we will present and go through our multi-part review document which aligns with best practices.

By doing this we can easily show you what is critical to change now, what should be changed, and items that would be nice to change.

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