Managed Backups and Monitoring

Are you worried that your backups aren’t actually working?

Or maybe you are worried that the backups are completing successfully, but are either too nervous to actually see if you can restore anything from them, or you are not sure how?

The vast majority of clients that we see have a backup system in place that was setup when the server was installed and has never been checked since. Everyone is ‘hoping’ that it will work when there is a problem or disaster but at vBit, hope is just not good enough.

Time and time again we have come across failed backups, missed files (the important ones of course) and unsupported tape drives and it simply is not acceptable when a business is reliant on these for disaster recovery, business continuity and data loss prevention.


At vBit we have a proven backup methodology as well as different types of backup solutions which have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential loss of business, from system downtime to total data deletion and even encryption of data by ransomware.

Whether a local backup, online backup, disaster recovery in the cloud or a mix of technologies, we recommend the right backup solutions to work for your business, recovery times and data objectives.

We know it works because we religiously check that the backups and disaster recovery processes complete every single day, as well as ensuring that should a disaster strike, we can recover your data and system integrity.

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