Network Audits

Audits can usually be translated into ‘sales tool’. This may not be the intention for many suppliers but there is no denying that the process is used more to push a product than to really review the system.

At vBit we genuinely use the audit as a test bed against industry best practises and recognized procedures. If you have a support agreement with us then we will do an audit as part of the initial due diligence with our clients.

We like all of our sites to conform to best standards as ultimately it enables us to support you better and usually results in a more stable system.

If you do not have a support agreement with us but need to have a network health check, then we can tailor this to your specific requirements or areas of concern. If you do have a support contract with us, then our audits are carried out annually to ensure you’re using the right services and that all of the monthly figures tally up. It also gives us an opportunity to see any flex from the previous year, understand growth trends and also discuss any changes in the year ahead.

We are able to perform full disaster recovery and business continuity audits, asset management audits, archiving compliance audits, data leakage and security audits, as well as full system, sites and network audits.

Our system highlights and recommends areas which may need addressing or improvements. We don’t try to sell you anything, we simply make best practice recommendations based on our experience. If we do feel a number of matters need to be addressed urgently then we can help you decide how to prioritize them.

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