Spam Filtering and Web Protection

If you are getting more than 10 spam emails into your inbox each day then you have a problem.

However, it is a problem that can be fixed.

There are some extremely sophisticated spam and web filters available that catch spam and 100% of viruses before they have even reached your network. Implementation is straightforward and they are also very cost effective.

Clients that we talk to always raise the same concerns which are, what if it catches legitimate emails or blocks valid websites? The simple answer is that there is no guarantee that this won’t happen, however a good system should allow you to easily see what has been quarantined, manage what sites or content categories a user can access when browsing the web, enable you to release emails and revise your allowed website lists.

At vBit we are experienced in delivering web filtering, spam and virus reduction systems to many different types and sizes of businesses.

We specialize in not only reduction platforms, but also email redundancy protecting your emails in a disaster, data leakage and email archiving protecting your intellectual property, as well as hosted exchange email offering an enterprise-secure level of email communication.

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