Windows and Mac Support

Computers are meant to help us right?

Sometimes they are so much of a headache because something just isn’t working and you just need it fixed before it starts to interrupt your work.

More often than not there is a good reason as to why systems run slow and there is usually a bottleneck somewhere either locally on your computer, or on the network.

It could have come from some new software being installed, a malicious virus, new hardware being added to the network, or just the actual computer isn’t performing properly.

A lot of IT companies will look only at the single computer which may speed things up a little but ultimately is a plaster over the underlying problem.

The senior technicians at vBit are trained to look at your entire system as a whole as well as individual workstations, both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac.

Bad configurations or a network that has grown organically are the main suspects. There are also occasions when old equipment simply isn’t up to the job any more and computers need to be cleaned up or replaced.

We can provide solutions to ensure your business can actually use your computers and network for work, rather than having them act as a hindrance to it.

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